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The team at The Children’s Cabinet is dedicated to supporting our early learning professionals.  We strive to provide the tools and resources any child care provider needs. Please review the content below, but you can always connect with questions.

What is QRIS?

The Children’s Cabinet Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Coaching Program supports licensed child care providers in achieving a higher QRIS star rating. We provide effective, on-site assistance to enhance knowledge, skills, practices, or environment. The Children’s Cabinet QRIS Coaches are trained in the Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS) and the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS). You can learn more by visiting Nevada Silver State Stars

If you are interested in this support, please attend a QRIS introduction meeting before requesting QRIS coaching. For more about QRIS or to sign up for coaching in Nevada, please visit the Silver State Stars QRIS website. Click on this link to be taken directly to the QRIS Enrollment Form.

What is Nevada Pyramid Model Partnership?

The Nevada Pyramid Model Partnership is a statewide initiative designed to create a sustainable system that promotes social-emotional development in young children using the Pyramid Model. The Pyramid Model is a framework for supporting social-emotional competence and preventing challenging behaviors in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. How do we offer this level of support? Child care providers interested in the Nevada Pyramid Model Partnership will receive:

  • Free ePyramid Module Training – This training is virtual and at your own pace, perfect for a busy professional like you!
  • Distance Support – Need help putting practices into place? Call CHIRP, our Pyramid Model Monthly Learning Café. CHIRP calls are monthly phone meetings held online by a trained specialist. The purpose of these meetings is to provide a community of practice for administrators and teachers to work to prevent challenging behaviors in programs using the Pyramid Model. Take advantage of this opportunity and you can problem-solve with other working professionals and create solutions for challenging behaviors in your program.
  • Targeted Phone Support – Still need more? Call one of our Quality Specialists for targeted guidance or call the statewide phone number 1-833-651-0491.
  • In-Person Training – The Children’s Cabinet offers Pyramid Model trainings monthly. Check our Provider Training Calendar for dates.

Suspension & Expulsion Support

The Children’s Cabinet also provides Suspension and Expulsion Support. The first part of this is education. Did you know 44% of providers have asked a child to take a break for many days or to shorten the hours they are in a program? This is considered suspension. 51% of polled providers in Nevada have also asked a child to leave their program because of challenging behavior. This is considered expulsion. We are dedicated to preventing suspension and expulsion as much as possible by offering resources to help with challenging behavior in the form of our Nevada Pyramid Model Partnership program.

To address this issue in our communities, Nevada Pyramid Model Partnership and The Children’s Cabinet are offering support to program Directors and administration in preventing suspension and expulsion of infants and young children.

Need help putting practices into place? The Children’s Cabinet is hosting bi-monthly CHIRP phone calls. These meetings are intended to provide a community of practice for administrators and teachers to work to prevent challenging behaviors in programs using the Pyramid Model. Take advantage of this opportunity to problem solve with other working professionals and create solutions for challenging behaviors in your program.

Watch videos on the State of Nevada Expulsion and Suspension Policy provided by The Children’s Cabinet by clicking here

Nevada Pyramid Model Implementation is funded in part through Child Care and Development Fund Subaward from Nevada Department of Education passthrough from the Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services Child Care Development Program (grant number 2101NVCCDF), and Nevada’s Maternal and Child Health Title V Program (MCH) Block grant.

What is ECSN?

The Early Childhood Support Network (ECSN) program offers temporary, on-call substitute care to licensed child care centers and family child care homes in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Las Vegas. The goal of the program is to help facilities maintain quality child care environments and appropriate child-adult ratios if they become sick, have sick staff, have staff that is on vacation, or are in the process of hiring. Substitutes undergo an extensive training period, and the State of Nevada and Washoe County have child care regulations in place. Training includes fingerprinting, CPR and first aid, child abuse and neglect, communicable disease, SIDS, early childhood development, and center and family child care environments.

Child care facilities interested in utilizing the service must register with The Children’s Cabinet in advance by contacting our ECSN team in the contact bar above.

Early Childhood Consultation

The Early Childhood Consultation Program works with child care providers to support children in their programs with suspected or diagnosed disabilities or developmental delays. The purpose of this program is to connect early childhood staff with solutions, teaching, and environmental strategies, and professional development to increase their ability to care for children requiring extra support. The consultant will work with the child care director, the parents, and the teaching team to establish goals and strategies, and to create connections with already existing community resources or professionals. These services are specific to children ages birth to 5 attending community-based child care (family, group, and center-based child care).

If you believe you can benefit from having an early childhood consultation for children with suspected or diagnosed special needs, please call or email:

Lela Arney: or (775)  527-9475

Or Fill out the Referral Form

Click here to see the specialized flyer with more details. 

What is Snap-Ed?

Snap-Ed is a federally funded grant program that supports evidence-based nutrition education and obesity prevention interventions for persons eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). In Nevada, the Snap-Ed program provides onsite technical assistance to child care providers with a student population that is eligible for SNAP benefits. Through onsite assessment, professional development and coaching, schools are provided with materials and teachers are empowered to implement games and curriculum in their classrooms to increase the physical activity and healthy choices of their students. Each child care provider works with their enrolled families to create “champions” to lead the charge in reviewing curriculum, food served, events, and daily activities through a nutritional lens in pursuit of a healthier environment.

Interested in more information? Contact our Provider Education Coordinator, Karen Medina at or (775) 843-9869

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