The Children’s Cabinet, Inc. Privacy Policy

What information does The Children’s Cabinet (The Cabinet) collect?

The Cabinet collects personal contact information from donors, volunteers, and any individual who requests information about services, classes, special events, and organization news.

Personal contact information includes name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Financial transaction information from donors may also include credit card details as necessary. This information is provided to The Cabinet voluntarily.

How does The Children’s Cabinet use the information it collects?

The Cabinet holds all personal information in strict confidence. The Cabinet does not sell or share client, donor, or volunteer information with third parties. Staff is trained to ensure confidentiality.

Personal information collected may be used by The Children’s Cabinet to send newsletters, donation appeals, event announcements, and e-blasts. Donor information collected is also used for thank-you letters and tax receipts. Volunteer information collected is also used to request volunteer assistance.

Credit card information is used once, for the single, donor-requested transaction. After processing the payment, The Children’s Cabinet redacts the credit card number from its files.

How does a person contact The Children’s Cabinet to review their personal information or to request corrections and restrictions?

Individuals and businesses can contact The Children’s Cabinet’s Fund Development Department to review their personal information, request corrections, and to relay preferences for contact or public recognition. The phone number is 775-856-0103 and the e-mail address is

  • Individuals may request, at any time, that The Children’s Cabinet does not contact them or send some or all of the mailings listed above.
  • Donors may also request to remain anonymous and not be publicly recognized in donor listings or any other context.
  • E-blast recipients can opt-out of mailing lists.
  • The Children’s Cabinet database has a flag to indicate to staff that the individual has requested “no donor solicitations” or “no mailings of any kind.”
  • All e-blasts, newsletters, event announcements, and solicitations from The Children’s Cabinet clearly state who is sending the information and how the recipient can contact The Children’s Cabinet in reply.

How does a person inform The Children’s Cabinet that he or she does not wish personal information to be shared outside the organization?

The Children’s Cabinet does not share personal information with anyone outside of the organization unless pre-approved by the individual.

Any questions or requests about how The Children’s Cabinet uses personal information can be directed to the organization through the Fund Development Department at 775-856-0103 or

What security measures does The Children’s Cabinet have in place to protect personal information?

  • The Cabinet does not share personal information with anyone outside of the organization unless pre-approved by the individual. Staff is trained to respect privacy and to strictly uphold confidentiality policies in all situations.
  • Personal information is stored in secure databases with limited access, monitored and managed by the Director of Information Technology.
  • Computer software and hardware are maintained within secured networks that are accessible by pre-approved individuals who have a need to know. Databases are segmented and passwords for access are required.

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